coming in 2015:

 City of the Watcher, Book Three

"Bring war material with you from home; but forage on the enemy.
Thus the army will have food enough for its needs."
                                                               -- Sun Tzu, The Art of War, II:9

Wallflower Assassin

Who am I. What is this place. What is that thing in the darkness. How did I get to Yuggoth. How did I get to a Melvins show. Who are these interdimensional party people. What is the Reality Patrol. What is this cute little furry red dragon thing. Why are these corpses piling up around me. How did she die. What is that flying saucer. How can I live without love...

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Time Traveling Blues
 City of the Watcher, Book Two

When Aleck, all grown up, unexpectedly finds himself back in Melkhaios, he discovers -- as sometimes happens with interdimensional travel -- that he's gone back in time, arriving sometime before he did as a boy.

Aleck's obsession to change his past kicks into high gear. Unfortunately, changing history is easier said than done....

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Weird Luck
 City of the Watcher, Book One

When Aleck, teenage stoner, stumbles through an interdimensional portal, he finds himself in a magical half-ruined city. He is welcomed by a fire-breathing wolf and a shapeshifter from the forest who claim, unbelievably, to be expecting him. Prophecies, they say.

Aleck learns that a tyrannical sorcerer rules the populace with an iron fist, feeding like a psychic vampire upon their suffering. His army of inhuman stormtroopers keeps the few remaining rebels scattered in the wilderness. But there is an ancient relic that can unite the guerrillas.... And Aleck is a key, in some way he can't quite follow, to retrieving this relic....

Too stunned and curious to resist, he lets them drag him on their quest. After all, this could be a real chance to make a difference for the people in this weird world.

What's the worst that could happen...?

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